Whoops, I created a blog

I’m going to Kenya for six months to volunteer for the British disability organisation Leonard Cheshire International. I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for a while but, as you know, I am extremely lazy (almost, but not quite, as much as my cousin). As I am going away and after reading my friend Joakim’s excellent blog for the last few months I’ve decided to start my own. At least it will allow me to look back over my volunteering and remember all the stuff that I got up to. And, you never know, someone might actually enjoy reading it (although I doubt it).

It’s now only two weeks until I go (wow). To raise some of the money required for the trip I put on a gig at the Boston in Tufnell Park. Three bands played, The Sharon Tate Murder, The Tricoteurs and the Vinyl Stitches. The Vinyl Stitches, in particular, were awesome. Total takings on the door was £570 (not bad, shame I had to pay the venue £200). I had a great time, despite being a total stress case (like a meerkat on speed, someone else said). The stress was not lessened by the fact that the original headlining band, My Luminaries, cancelled at 9pm the night before. James, their lead singer, was ill.

I coped with the stress by breaking my stint of 16 nicotine-free months. The first few days were great (smoking is cool – fact) but I’m now starting to regret it. I’ll have to give up before Kenya, otherwise I might be tempted by their brand of Sportsman cigarettes.

I’m off for a fag. Good night.


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  1. Pontus!

    I’ve just found my way to your blog, it’s great to read what you’re up to, and sorry I missed your fundraising gig!

    I’ll be back here again soon, looking forward to reading some more,


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