Thursday evening

The keyboard’s in Swedish because I needed an ä earlier and finding an ‘ proves difficult. Not high priority for Swedes I suppose. I’m getting a cold. I think. Sniffly. Decided to try to install the full version of WordPress so I can sink even deeper into geekdom, so I set up some free webspace with Awardspace the other day but when I now try to access the site it turns out that their whole server is down. Maybe not the best choice of host. But it’s free I suppose (struggled to find the ‘ again – I really should switch back).

Really should sort my packing out, I’m leaving in a week, but I’m being lazy as per usual. Somehow wasting my life away in front of the internet very often seems like a good idea. I have a habit of getting on my high horse when discussing tv ownership (I don’t own one – British tv is shit) but I don’t really think about all the hours spent checking Hotmail and Facebook.

Awardspace is still not working. It’ll have to be the packing.


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