Cowbunga! – it’s election time

Yesterday we had an office outing to a Cheshire old people’s home in Kariobangi, one of Nairobi’s slums. Kariobangi sounds like Cowabunga, so we spent all day trying to remember which cartoon it was from (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). The home, which also provides day care services to people with leprosy, is run with very limited resources by three Catholic nuns from Italy. The reason we went was because a dance group was performing.

The old people clapped politely but they seemed more interested in looking at us. One 85-year old woman, Jane, greeted me by joddling extremely loudly into my face. She then proposed to me, proudly showed me her one remaining tooth and danced wildly. It was awesome. Laura was pissing herself laughing at the look on my face.



On the way back we got stuck in a massive traffic jam caused by lorries packed with people returning from an election rally held by one the Presidential candidates, Raila Odinga. People seem to think that he is going to win the election which is held on 27 December. His party, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), has orange as their party colour and the lorries were packed with hundreds of supporters in orange t-shirts, shouting, singing and holding up placards.

People on the roof of a bus

Supporters of the Orange Democratic Movement


Not the Mugabe you’re thinking of

Yesterday was the first day that Presidential candidates were officially allowed to campaign so we will probably see more of this.


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