A slap

So the Kenyan first lady, President Kibaki’s wife, is at some awards ceremony and gets introduced as ‘Wambui’. What does she do? She storms over and slaps the official in the face!

Why? – Wambui is Kibaki’s mistress. Haha.



  1. hallå tjena! Ta lite mer bilder, det är kul, träffade nu någonsin den där snubben nått mer, du vet den hipphopparen som tuggade pinnar?

  2. Just de ett tips, testa wordpress (om du inte redan gjort det) att bygga sidor med, verkar bra om man bara ska ha en enkel sida utan kosntiga grejor.

  3. The rumors have gotten so fierce that President Kibaki had to call a press conference to deny a secret marraige to Mary Wambui! But the real issue is political succession and financial inheritance of the President’s proud legacy…


  4. […] this blog will remember that I wrote about Kenya’s president Mwai Kibaki’s wife, Lucy, slapping an official after being introduced by the name of Kibaki’s mistress, Wambui, last […]

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