How stupid can you get?

Just read that, a two-year old Swedish site that has been providing up to date information about movies shown in cinemas, has shut down because of a dispute with Sweden’s largest (only?) cinema chain, SF. The dispute is about SF’s link policy. provides information and showing times for films, then links directly to a page on SF’s website where you can buy a ticket online. But SF’s policy is that you are not allowed to link to any other SF web page than the home page,

How idiotic is this? Why would you want every visitor to enter through your home page? How can you even think that you can make this happen? Are they also going to stop Google from indexing other pages than the home page? How can they not know the basics of web marketing?

Through this policy they’ve stopped a site which has been generating lots of extra interest in cinema, and through the links made it easier for people to become customers of SF. It’s like a supermarket preventing people from going directly to the milk shelf without first looking at the displays in the window. What is it that is so special about their home page? Why can’t they put that crucial information (whatever it is) on every page? Typical example of a company that just does not understand the web.  They deserve a price. Viva Piratebay I say.

Links (in Swedish):

SF’s crazy link policy

Article in SvD

Follow-up article 


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