Time to revive this blog

I’ve been lazy. For over two months. My excuse is the mega slow internet connection in this country, but really, it’s just laziness, although it took at least 5 minutes to load this page. Must remember to copy my blog post before publishing just in case it disappears into oblivion if the internet decides to be difficult.

Lots of things have happened since I last graced these pages with my presence. I’m sure you’ve been watching the news and reading the papers so I don’t need to recap.

Rather than write about it here are some pictures from what I’ve been up to (please, picture uploader thingy, work):

Drunk dad and daughter, Christmas Eve in expat style, Karen


Christmas dinner by the pool


Elephants, Amboseli National Park

Car broken down again, this time fixed with a shoe-lace


Aftermath of riots on my road


Burning stalls outside my house during the riots


Refugees being given clothes, internally displaced persons camp, Nairobi


Food handout


Children waiting for food


Lions, Masai Mara

At the Tanzanian border, Masai Mara


Bamburi Beach, Mombasa


On the beach, Mombasa

At the edge of the Rift Valley 

Phew! That’s taken me an hour and a half! Maybe I will wait with reviving the blog until I get back to Europe after all…


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