One of those days

I start off this morning by trying to figure out why Internet Explorer 6 insists on showing bullet points in the subnavigation of a site I’m doing, despite list-style-type: none. After much swearing, dreaming up ingenius ways of killing the developers at Microsoft who refuse to embrace web standards, and trying the same thing hundreds of times I discover that the page doesn’t refresh in Internet Explorer. I try shutting it down and restarting. Still the same. I try resetting the cache. Still the same. I try restarting the computer. Nothing, the same page, without the changes, still loads. At that point I am forced to give up or risk having to buy work a new computer.

The moment I close down Internet Explorer Kaspersky Antivirus pops up saying I have a virus called Worm VBS Pauk A. Great. I start a complete virus scan which has been slowing down my computer something chronic for the last three hours. 20 viruses found. Luckily Kaspersky manages to delete them all.

I then decide to come up with a business card design for the organisation. All is going well until I import it into InDesign to do some text. For some reason the 55x85mm card does not fit into the 55x85mm InDesign page. WTF??? I start over. Same thing happens again. Is the problem with InDesign or Photoshop? Only one way to find out – print it out and see. I don’t have printer in my office, so I save a JPG on a memory stick and print it on another computer. Too big. Ok, it’s Photoshop I think and start over again, making it smaller. Once again I save it on the memory stick, go to the office next door and print. Too small! I have to restrain myself and instead go and make a cup of tea. Eventually I realise that the weird image-editing software on that computer (Corel I think) automatically scales images when you print them. It was fine all along! The problem lies with InDesign which automatically adds a margin, making my design look too big. Great.

At this point I completely give up on work and decide to play on the internet. And find the funniest blog entry ever. The day is saved. (Apologies to non-Swedish speakers).

Ps. The enter key on my keyboard is not working for ‘pressing buttons’ on the web. Weird. Maybe those viruses didn’t disappear after all.



  1. You really are a geek. You rockanrolling and punking and garaging lied to me . Be a man an embrance your true colours by wearing 80’s styles glasses (no, spectacles) and white socks with shiny black shoes. You know you want to…

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