The Daily Nation

Just reading this article in the Daily Nation about Condoleezza Rice. Kenyan journalistic style is awesome. Examples from this article, with the title It wasn’t business as usual when the big girl from the US hit town:

‘American Scretary of State Condoleezza Rice stuns all by her professionalism.’

‘She’s brisk, she’s bright, she’s (red, white) blue – and oh yeah, black too.’

‘Everyone wore their finest, but the expats, who could hardly be troubled to tuck their shirts in’

‘I joined the table of foreign correspondents – an Alabama girl, a Spaniard, a Frenchman, three Canadians and a Brit’

‘Secret Service agents you could spot a mile away were milling in the bushes’

‘One could almost fail to realise she didn’t say anything new’


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  1. haha! brilliant

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