They’ve agreed!

So, this afternoon, after more than five weeks of negotiations, PNU and ODM finally came to an agreeement. Mwai Kibaki (PNU) remains president, but a new Prime Minister post, with powers to manage the cabinet, is created and given to Raila Odinga (ODM). Cabinet ministers will  be decided proportionally, depending on the respective parties number of seats in parliament. That last bit is interesting as ODM have over 100 seats compared to PNU’s 43. Does this mean that Kibaki will have almost no powers left?

It’s clear that this power sharing deal would not have happened if it wouldn’t have been for the immense international pressure and the determination of Kofi Annan to force an agreement.

Just watched Aljazeera and someone from the British Africa Society asked a very valid question. Why has the international community not intervened like this in other African crises? Just imagine all the suffering that could’ve been prevented if the rest of the world had given a shit. Rwanda, Sudan, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Congo…the list goes on.


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