Monday meeting 2

Here’s is the second episode of the popular series ‘Monday Meeting’. Laura has once again taken notes. It’s a shorter one this time, but equally ‘entertaining’.

13:26 People assemble for meeting

Good start, even L is here

13:27 Discussion of April fool’s coverage in the Kenyan newspapers

13:30 Absolutely nothing

13:31 Back to April fool’s. P asks if we can start the meeting

13:55 L (after the organisation has been in existence for 10 years) ‘We have to talk to the government and we have to speak to donors’.

13:57 Silence. Everyone’s eating pizza.

14:17 L: ‘Z  has to count on our support, she’s all alone.’

14:37 L: (A hypocrite or what) ‘As a manager you don’t hold on to staff who aren’t working and then blame them when nothing gets done.’

14:39 L to P: ‘If you came to me and told me that you were resigning, I wouldn’t want to know why.’

Discussion about ta Ugandan member of staff, who recently resigned because she hadn’t been paid for 20 months. L finds this hilarious whilst M and M have no sympathy for the national coordinator and insists that she should have asked for the money. L jokes that some people here can’t even wait a few days for money and that everyone’s is walking around looking really glum (staff haven’t been paid this month).

L discusses the letters that she signed last week and that have been sent out and proclaims that they have been sent to the wrong people. She apparently noticed this error while signing them.

15:30 Laura takes a ten minute break and comes back to a discussion about the ministries of Kenya and a table of people screaming at P to shut up.

15:32 Pontus asks if we can continue the meeting. L says that political discussion is allowed and makes a point of talking about it for a few minutes longer.

P joins in and is rebuked by N who says ‘Oh P, just be quiet now, you’re making noise for nothing’.

15:47 A long discussion about the landlord and how his handyman was displaced during the PEV (as the post-election violence is now called). The best way of getting from Busia, where the landlord lives, to Nairobi, is discussed. Apparently the landlord chooses to take an overnight bus instead of flying, despite his old age, which is discussed at length. A furious debate about the pros and cons of flying, the state of the roads, including a heated debate between P and N about the relative bad state of the roads in Nairobi and Busia ensues. The fact that some people are afraid of flying is also brought up and debated.

The conversation now switches to attacking P.

M: ‘Just go back to your majimbo (region), stay there and stop complaining.’

N, about P: ‘It’s like he’s a schizophrenic!’ (note politically correct disability language) ‘In one breath he says one thing, in the next something different.’

Mto P: Cwas saying something, can you just shut up.’

15:53 Under administrative business, Mbrings up the fact that the fax is not working. This is completely ignored as the bill has not been paid.

16:01 L is unhappy with C about the budget details in a presentation that he prepared for her to do do in Dar Es Salaam last week. It’s pretty evident that she didn’t look at it before she stood up to present.

Focus on the meeting in Dar. Lynette explains how she purposely took no money to the meeting, then complains that she had no money to buy water and food for any of the delegates and how it made her look bad.

She then explains how she gave $200 of her own money to one delegate. The staff look sick considering that they have not been paid this month.

16:12 Still talking about the logistics of last weeks meeting in Dar.

16:16 Still the same discussion about how L had to fork out her own money for the delegates.

16:18 Finally back to work.

16:34 Discussion about how there is no money. L says ‘we don’t even have money for salaries but money gets spent, but only on what people want to spend it on.’ (She’s talking about head office in London, but she doesn’t seem to realise the hypocrisy of this. In the Nairobi office we have lunch every Monday and spend a fortune on fresh flowers in the office, for example).

16:47 Talk about someone going shopping in Dar Es Salaam.

16:52 Laughing at our car and how we managed to sell it. I am a conman apparently. Discussion about how we are now obviously rich and should’ve bought lunch for everyone.

16:54 Criticisms of P for wanting to sell his car.

16:58 Discussion about how the office will be able to book flights now that the travel agent has introduced commission.

17:01 Realisation that the organisation needs to get a credit or debit card. This was obviously refused a few months earlier when suggested by the interns from the UK.

17:02 Discussion about how it is illegal to send SMS in Ethiopia.

17:03 P insult Kenya’s old dictator Moi, M furiously tells him to stop branding people or she will ‘start calling him a monkey’.

17:05 Laura leaves

17:45 Meeting ends.



  1. HAHAHAfår ni mycket gjort eller?, Hem till vart? London?

  2. What a fu**ing nightmare. I bet you can’t wait to finish with them.

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