Monday meeting 3

Yet another installment of the popular series ‘Monday meeting’.

Today we see L behaving in her usual bitchy self, M taking the word hypocrisy to even higher levels and a guest appearance from Z, Project Officer.

9:57 – meeting called for 10:15.

10:15 – interns arrive.

10:24 – still no permanent staff around.

10:30 – L leads a discussion about how P eats with his mouth open and how disgusting everybody finds this.

10:33 – meeting starts.

10:53 – L has turned the topic back to the allocation of Kenya’s government ministries.

10:58 – still politics. There is a general consensus that it’s Kofi Annan’s fault that Kibaki and Raila can’t agree on the cabinet.

11:03 – apparently Kalonzo’s (the Vice-President) wife sings in a local choir, and she now has a bodyguard who sings in it too. He stands right behind her.

11:07 – apparently the oldest (in his 80s) primary school student in the world is Kenyan and has been displaced by the post-election violence (or PEV as the expats now call it). He desperately wants to school and was on tv the other day.

11:12 – discussion about the cost of vegetables and how expensive they are at the moment.

11:16 – back to the oldest primary school person in the world. Apparently there is a chance that our organisation can find him a place in one of it’s old people’s homes. It will be great for media coverage, it is agreed. However, nobody has considered the fact that he’s not disabled and we are a disability organisation.

11:20 – still the old guy.

12:09 – 15 minute discussion about how bad our colleagues in Sudan are. Apparently one is an alcoholic and another has potentially stolen lots of project money to buy two Landrovers and a house in Khartoum.

12:30 – we discover that our partner in Sudan haven’t elected new board members in over ten years, despite the constitution stating that this should happen every two years.

12:46 – still complaining about the staff and board members in Sudan.

12:54 – now discussing witchcraft in Sudan. It’s very common apparently.

13:17 – laughing at P (who has a physical disability) for requesting a wheelchair in the office.

Z to P “You’re not fit. You just need to do more exercise”

13:39 – L raises the fact that she had a phone call from a government official mentioning that they saw P representing the organisation on the TV in the morning. They didn’t really appreciate his political views.

P begins to rant in response. It goes on and on. And on.

13:58 – P during his rant, ”It’s not antagonistic, but sometimes you need to fight”

14:11 – same discussion.

14:24 – same discussion. P is promoting Yasser Arafat as the shining example of how to win political campaigns.

14:32 – P seems to have finally run out of steam.

14:39 – L tells everybody to use the word ‘blind’ as much as possible. She knows that it can be offensive to some people, because of it’s negative connotations, but ‘we shouldn’t give in to them and their ridiculous demands’. In fact there is a general consensus that politically correct disability language is a whole load of tosh. And of course we can’t expect staff to know it or use it.

14:48 – M to P : “You go around using such bad language and calling people monkeys.” (See last Monday Meeting post for hypocrisy of this statement)

15:00 – End. Wahooooo!!!!


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