What a rubbish finish

As you might have gathered from reading this blog, things at work here in Nairobi have not been 100% great.

The organisation that I have been working for does not do much programme work, the internship that I have been doing was not really that well thought out and I had nowhere near enough work to do.

As I have spent over £2000 to do it, I am not totally happy.

As a result, when I was asked by the London office to write an end of internship report, it was not very positive.

But some not too thoughtful person in London decided to send the report to the Regional Manager down here.

Before I had left.

So, during the Monday meeting this week I was brutally attacked (in front of everyone) by the Regional Manager for ‘telling lies’, trying to ‘break up the family’ and for ‘not understanding Kenyan culture’.

And a whole bunch of other horrible stuff.

After about 15 minutes of being screamed at I walked out and went home.

The following day I went in to try to clear the mess up. And found myself being screamed at for almost an hour by four senior managers.

Very very frightening. I was shaking and very close to tears when I eventually escaped.

So I now have three days to do nothing before I go back to London.

Silverfisken: I feel with you.



  1. Ah shit man. Thats a crappy way to end the time you’ve had there. I’m sorry about that man.

  2. shit pomfritt, I feel for you.

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