Camping on the Welsh border

I’ve been back in the UK for 3(?) weeks now and I am starting to get used to it. The key is….well, simply to get used to it.

The weekend’s weather included maximum temperatures of 11 degrees, heavy rain and gale force winds.

And we were camping.

Despite the rain, wind and cold weather, the camping trip actually turned out to be a success. We visited a a castle in Wales (built to keep the Welsh hordes under control), an iron mine where 8-year old boys had worked and a forest where we got lost.

Oh yeah, and we attended another crazy British old festival. Imagine the steepest hill you’ve ever seen (if you’re Swedish, think väggen in Sälen). Then imagine a big cheese being thrown down. And finally imagine 10 people running, no falling, down after the cheese, breaking bones and getting knocked out.

Actually, that sounds too hard to imagine, so visit this page for some images.

A very good weekend. But I would’ve preferred sunshine.



  1. How can you forget the cheesy rolling? Top weekend.

  2. I must’ve been too hungry, cold and tired. Mistake rectified.

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