Mozilla download day 17 June

Still using Internet Explorer?


You must be aware by now that Microsoft’s browser is far inferior to other browser such as Firefox and Opera.

Because of its use of ActiveX scripting it leaves itself (and you as the user!) open to security threats, particularly spyware. Watch out.

And of course other browsers like Firefox are faster, can be enhanced with plugins, have a built-in spell checkers and block annoying popups.

Microsoft has also failed to make Internet Explorer comply with web standards, which means that web developers have to spend hours solving IE bugs, coming up with workarounds and using hacks. Why would Microsoft choose to do this? Well, for years they’ve had a monopoly in the market and have been able to do what they want.

But things are changing and Internet Explorer have gone from having an 85% market share to 50% in the last five years.

But to force Microsoft to make improvements to their browser, more people need to make the change.

17 June is a perfect time to do so. It’s the release date of the new version of Mozilla’s browser, Firefox 3, and they are attempting to set a world record in the number of downloads in one day.

Go on, pledge to download Firefox 3 on 17 June.


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