1984? No, 2008

Sweden yesterday adopted a new law allowing officials to read or listen to all email and telephone traffic without a permit or even a suspicion of a crime.


And I thought the UK had gone as far as it was possible to go when the Commons agreed to extend the period that someone can be kept locked up without a charge to 42 days.

Civil liberties that people have been fighting to get over hundreds of years are being pushed aside at the drop of a hat.

All in the name of ‘preventing terrorism’.

What are they thinking?



  1. ja vet det är helt vansinnig.

  2. tja! jag har slutat med chili kan inte du länka om.


  3. kålla in:



  4. Tack för länkningen

  5. Nu måste du skriva nått jag läser ju det här varje dag.

  6. Har du snackat med DW ännu?

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