Mmm houseshare

As some of you know I live in a shared house in Camden. And now it’s official. I just can’t handle house share.

I’m finding that I really can’t live with a bunch of 20-year olds who don’t know how to take the rubbish out, handle a hoover or clean a toilet.  Crumbs on the floor, pants left on the floor in the bathroom and unwashed plates annoy the hell out of me.

You get the point.

About six weeks ago, the boyfriend, L, of one of my housemates, R, finished university for the summer and without asking anyone took up residency in her room. I’d suddenly got a new housemate, whose favourite pass time was to sit on the sofa with no top on drinking cans of Stella.

He is also a fashion student and had managed to fail about half of his university course work which he needed to redo over the summer. This includes having two laptops on the kitchen table, spreading A3 drawing pads all over the floor in the front room and covering the sofas in fashion magazines.

Every single day.

All the time.

He’s not particularly bright and definitely doesn’t take hints. Any attempts to raise the issue with R is simply met with (think broad Antipodean accent) ‘I know, he’s driving me mad too’.

Anyway, last Sunday he went to stay at a friend’s house and R took the opportunity to go out to Madame Jojo’s with her friend. At some point during the drunken night they met some guy who tagged along with them back to Camden and some late night bars.

Their new-found friend then followed R home and ‘slept on the sofa’.

And the following morning promptly helped himself to L’s laptop (with 6 weeks worth of uni work on it) and my iPod before strolling out the front door.


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  1. haha that sucks, but well written.

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