Godless heathens?

I’ve been blog surfing around some atheist blogs this afternoon. They often makes very interesting reading.

However, it’s usually not the blog posts themselves that are the best, it’s the comments left by religious fanatics, mortally offended by the fact that some people don’t agree with them.

This is a good one, from The Dilbert Blog:

You are all Godless heathens and you WILL burn in Hell if you don’t change that. Athiests are nothing more than cynical assholes who think they’re the happiest people on earth but are really miserable. And for that, they have to make everyone else miserable. You believe that just because the world’s imperfect that God doesn’t exist. I used to be an Athiest, I admit that. God was kind enough to change my ways. I don’t believe God exists, I KNOW God exists. I could spend all day telling you my experiences, but knowing what Athiests are like, you’d all probably try to explain it away with your “scientific theories”. Athiesism isn’t a religion or belief, it’s a DISEASE. You’re reading this for your amusement, thinking I’m stupid or dull, but try something called BELIEVING and believe me when I tell you that if you don’t find your faith, you will be damned. Honestly, what is this world coming to when parents allow their children to grow up to become heathens. And by the way, how do you not see the pattern that you’re athiests and your life sucks?A word from the much wiser than you

What can I say?


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