Religious discrimination or what?

I’ve been in contact with a relief organisation (which I will not name) about potentially doing some work for them. Everything was progressing fine and we’d exchanged several emails, when they sent me this:

We are a professional relief/rehabilitation agency based on Christian values. As such, we only recruit committed Christians. We are looking for employees who are motivated by, among other things, their living Christian faith and personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ. Sharing the same faith and being able to take an active role in prayer, Bible study and times of worship with other workers are key elements that ensure unity and a positive team dynamic. We believe these to be essential for coping with adverse conditions and maintaining a productive work environment, as well as our belief that our work will be more fruitful with the help of God.

As your email was the first contact we have had with you and you made no mention of your faith, we would ask you to please email us something about your Christian faith before we proceed with your application.  We are sorry to put you on the spot but this is a core value within our organisation. Our teams have times of prayer and worship together and it is important that all team members be able to fully participate in and lead these times. If they cannot then tensions can arise and field work has enough stress without adding more. Thus we would need to hear from you regarding your faith before we could proceed.


Not that I would want to work for an organisation like this – but I don’t find this to be an acceptable approach. Fine if an organisation has Christian (or Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim) values, but to have as a policy not to employ people of a different faith?

Outright discrimination I say.



  1. Se denna

  2. Ja det är en perfekt skala i sammanhanget. Var på bristol skalan hamnar dem?

  3. He he damn it reminded me when I worked as a confirmation leader for the protestant church. One day this 14 year old girl came up to me and asked: Do you believe in god Daniel? I belieive in honesty in front of god so I said: No I do not believe in God….God is good someone wrote but kids are the evil …2 steady legs carried the girl to the priest and she said that Daniel does not believe in god!

    The priest had a chat with about me beeing a confirmation leader and not believing in god. I said I’m loved by the youths and what I do that is my god not old stories from a book.

    I got a rather angry reply about not having me in the camp the nextcoming year, so I asked the priest: Why does god need religion? I never returned to camp as I did not get an invitation but I’m still very proud of beeing a staff member of fun camp with fun youths in!

  4. Sieg Hallelujah!
    Like your blog a lot mate. Steve Marone

  5. Or Ramone

  6. 🙂

  7. Hola amigo!
    Trevligt tjat på McEwans senast =)

  8. Perhaps you could say that you believe in this? 😉

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