Billy Childish

Billy Childish and the Musicians and the British Empire are playing at the infamous Dirty Water Club in Tufnell Park tonight. I think it’ll be my fifth time to see Wild Billy.

‘I’ve never heard of Billy Childish’, I hear you say. Really? You’ve missed out.

He’s a poet, painter and writer, but most of all, musician. He’s been in loads of bands. I think the most well known are The Milkshakes, The Mighty Ceasars, Thee Headcoates and The Buff Medways and he’s released over 100 albums.

If you, as I do, have a soft spot for 60s garage, 70s punk and a catchy chorus, then go out and buy a couple of Buff Medways or Thee Headcoates albums as soon as you can.

And did I say? He’s got a great moustache.


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  1. he also formed the ‘stuckist’ movement, and created a stuckist manifesto. my favourite is;

    no .19 Crimes of education: instead of promoting the advancement of personal expression through appropriate art processes and thereby enriching society, the art school system has become a slick bureaucracy, whose primary motivation is financial. The Stuckists call for an open policy of admission to all art schools based on the individual’s work regardless of his/her academic record, or so-called lack of it.
    We further call for the policy of entrapping rich and untalented students from at home and abroad to be halted forthwith.

    We also demand that all college buildings be available for adult education and recreational use of the indigenous population of the respective catchment area. If a school or college is unable to offer benefits to the community it is guesting in, then it has no right to be tolerated.

    And more importantly played a fucking good show friday night, nice one billy.

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