Mastering Swedish?

Slay Radio used to run a series of hilarious programmes called ‘Mastering Swedish’. The idea of the programmes is simple. Get a bunch of Swedish guys to read out a bunch of sentences in Swedish, then get a British guy to repeat them.

Sounds funny? Well, not really.

Until you hear the phrases they’ve come up with. And you realise it’s not at all about laughing at the British guy struggling to pronounce them.

For example, in Swedish, it’s very common to combine two words to make one. Often, though, people write them as two. With hilarous consequences:

Kassamedarbetare – Till workers

Kassa medarbetare – Crap co-workers

Vi behöver ett bygg till stånd – We need a build to boner

Vi behöver ett byggtillstånd – We need a building permit

Matt tvätt – Tired laundry

Mattvätt – Carpet cleaner

Brun hårig sjuk sköterska – Brown, hairy, sick nurse

Brunhårig sjuksköterska – Brunette nurse

Sätt på en skygg lapp – Fuck a shy Laplander

Sätt på en skygglapp – Put a blinker on

Djupfryst kyckling lever – Frozen chicken is alive

Djupfryst kycklinglever – Frozen chicken liver

Får jag köpa en gift orm – May I buy a married snake

Får jag köpa en giftorm – May I buy a poisonous snake

Vi söker bar personal – We are looking for naked staff

Vi söker barpersonal – We are looking for bar staff

Ren korv – Clean sausage

Renkorv – Raindeer sausage

Skit gott – Shit tasty

Skitgott – Very tasty

Want more? All the programmes are on Youtube.



  1. haha, roligt inlägg!

  2. Ja jävlar. Att det ska vara så svårt för en del. Synd att la ner

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