Autumn is on the way

It’s early September and it’s already starting to get cold. The autumn is definitely on it’s way.

I missed last winter as I was away in Kenya, and so I’d almost forgotten what a British winter is like.

But now they’re starting to come back.

The memories.

Black mold in the bathroom because you can’t keep the window wide open all the time. Wearing a hat, two jumpers and a blanket while watching tv. Not being able to keep the heating on for more than a few hours a day because of the incredibly high energy prices and lack of insulation. 5 degrees outside. 9 degrees inside. Seeing your breath on the way to the shower in the morning.

The same comments over and over again: ‘But if you place the radiator by the window all the heat will escape.’ ‘Just put on another jumper.’ ‘I don’t like central heating.’ ‘But you’re from Sweden, surely you should be used to the cold?’

Yes I am from Sweden. And yes, the temperature can reach -25 degrees. But most of the time it’s around 0.


Not inside.


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  1. Höhö. Det kan du ha

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