Make a choice, for god’s sake!

I’m reading an article in the Observer about how a UN expert is blaming meat eaters for making climate change worse. Apparently it requires 2.2 calories of fossil-fuel energy to produce one calorie of plant material, but it takes 54 calories of fossil-fuel energy to produce one calorie of beef.

Combine this with the fact that livestock emit 16 percent of the worlds production of methane, a greenhouse gas with a global warming potential 23 times that of carbon dioxide and you have a powerful reason to cut down on your meat intake.

But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about something else.

At the bottom of the Observer article is a coloured box titled ‘Meat by numbers’. In it we can find out that Britons eat 82 grams of protein daiy, that it requires 990 litres of water to produce one litre of milk, that the production of 1 kilogram of beef emits 36.4 kilograms of carbon dioxide and that the average cow produces 500 pounds of meat.

Wait a minute. 500 pounds? Where did that come from? Every other measurement in the article is given using the metric system!

This confusion is something that occurs all the time in this country.

Watch Planet Earth and hear David Attenborough go on about litres, kilograms, metres and tonnes. But get totally confused when he, all of a sudden, switches to miles to talk about distances.

Go to the shop and buy milk in litres, butter and flour in grams and cream in milliliters. But then look up a recipe in a cookbook and all the measurements are given in ounces and cups.

Design a building using the building regulations which are written in millimeters. But then ask a builder to build it and he will think you are crazy. British builders only know inches and feet.

Drive into a petrol station to fill up your car in litres. But then talk about the fuel consumption of your car in gallons per mile.

And on and on it goes.

I don’t care which system they use. But for God’s sake, can’t they at least stick to one?


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  1. Du glömde att nästan alla britter ser ut som skit!

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