Obtaining an Indian visa

The first thing that one must do before going to India is obtain a visa. This is the casual traveller’s first contact with the legendary Indian bureaucracy.

It used to be a fairly straightforward process. You’d go to the Indian embassy in central London at 8 in the morning, wait in line and eventually someone would stamp your passport and you were free to go.

However, from 29 May this year, the process has changed. It’s now electronic which supposedly makes it much better.

You now have to spend an hour on the internet filling out an incredibly detailed online application form (what is the date and place of birth of your father? Put down two Indian referees, etc).

Once you’ve filled out the online application form has been filled out, you PRINT it and take it to a special visa application centre in Victoria, where you wait in line, hand over your printed online application form and passport before going home.

One week later you have to go back, wait in line again and eventually pick up your passport with the correct stamp.

I love to see efficiency measures implemented.


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  1. The procvedure you mention should followed to get quick indian visa

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