A and I had to travel across town to submit our visa applications today. I normally get the bus to work and had almost forgotten what the London underground is like in rush hour.

We had to wait for three trains to pass before we could get on the Victoria Line at Euston. Crushed, sweaty and tired, we finally arrive at Victoria Station along with 300,000 others.

The Indian visa applications centre is only a few hundred metres away and we arrive well in time for our appointment. After a short wait our number is called and we look at each other in disbelief. Is it really going to be this easy?

We hand over our documents, passports, applications forms, passport photos and money to the woman at the counter who gives them a quick glance and says:

‘How long have you been in the UK?’

‘About 7 years’, I say.

‘You need proof’, says and looks at me with hard grey eyes.

Turns out that the best way of proving that you’ve been a resident of the UK for more than one year is to get a bank statement that is more than one year old. So we find ourselves outside an HSBC bank branch waiting for it to open 30 minutes later.

Of course it was not going to be this easy.

Eventually the bank opens and after a wait we get our bank statements.

Back at the visa application centre the woman kindly offers to see us straight away. This wasn’t so bad actually.

Now we just have to hope that they approve our applications.



  1. Vilket jävla trix! Hoppas att det löser grabben.

  2. Stava!

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