I’ve just come home from work and when I open the door to the room that A and I are currently renting in a shared house in Camden, a wave of humidity flows over me. It’s like being in the tropics.

I’d forgotten to open the window before I left for work this morning, and the damp is everywhere, including a thick trickle down one of the walls and the windows are so wet one might think it’s raining heavily outside.

It’s not raining outside, it’s just a normal British house.

I will never forget when I found black mold in the bathroom in the first house I ever rented in this country. I immediately rang up the estate agency that was managing the house.

‘There is black mold in the bathroom!’, I said to the woman on the phone.

‘Mold?’, she said.

‘Yes! You have to do something about it!’ I screamed.

The woman adopted that British ironic voice and said ‘You know Sainsbury’s? We’ll go in there and find the cleaning products isle. There will be something called ‘Mold and Mildew Remover’ there. Buy it.’

Then she hung up.

Since then I have realised that all British houses have black mold in the bathroom in the winter. It’s just a natural feature of not having any ventilation.

A friend tells me that when he was growing up his mum used to put towels on the windowsill of all the windows in the house. In the mornings he used to wake up to the sound of her walking around the house and wringing out the towels in a bucket – ‘Slosh, slosh’.

Tomorrow I won’t forget to open that window.


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  1. Haha….inte precis “svensk standard” 😉

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