Palin part 2

Remember how I expressed worry about Sarah Palin’s appointment as McCain’s vice presidential candidate? I think I said that I hoped Obama had an ace up his sleeve.

Looks like he doesn’t need one. This is Palin being interviewed about foreign policy by the Katie Couric from CBS:

Remind you of something?

Well, it reminds me of this:

The whole interview is on YouTube.



  1. I waver between laughing uncontrollably and remembering how deeply troubling this is. Check out this scathing (and of course hilarious) breakdown of the interview:
    And I hope you’ve seen Tina Fey’s impersonation, the most extraordinary, uncanny impersonation I can remember:
    In other news, I’m back in the blogging game, much thanks to your strict reminder!

  2. En fantastisk jämförelse!

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