Palin again

This analysis of the things Palin actually said in that interview (apart from that stupid stuff about Russia) is really, really frightening.

Thanks to Louis for this.



  1. The Poetry of Sarah Palin

    “On the Bailout”

    What the bailout does
    Is help those who are concerned
    About the health care reform
    That is needed
    To help shore up our economy,
    Helping the—
    It’s got to be all about job creation, too.

    Shoring up our economy
    And putting it back on the right track.
    So health care reform
    And reducing taxes
    And reining in spending
    Has got to accompany tax reductions
    And tax relief for Americans.
    And trade.!

    We’ve got to see trade
    As opportunity
    Not as a competitive, scary thing.
    But one in five jobs
    Being created in the trade sector today,
    We’ve got to look at that
    As more opportunity.
    All those things.

    (To K. Couric, CBS News, Sept. 25, 2008)

    There are more here:
    As the article says, she’s produced masterpieces in a few short interviews this past month; imagine what 4 (or 8) years will bring!

  2. For some reason the number ‘eight’ with a bracket appears as a yellow man with sunglasses… should be ‘eight’.

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