True Knowledge

The internet search site True Knowledge (thanks Jennie) aims to dramatically redefine the way we search for facts on the internet.

While having a look around the site I noticed that they were recruiting a ‘Junior Knowledge Engineer’. To apply for the role you need to do the following:

  1. Try to define the English word “country” in a way that will rigorously distinguish between places that are countries and places that are not. If you feel that the word can denote several closely related concepts then feel free to split your answer up into two or more senses giving a phrase that distinguishes each of them (e.g. “United Nations recognised nation state”). When thinking about this it may help you to consider Scotland, Italy, Israel, the USA, Taiwan, Yorkshire and Texas. Hint: dictionaries often define things vaguely and are unlikely to help with this.
  2. A human being’s age can be calculated by calculating the length of time between their birth and the current date. A building may take a number of years to construct. How would you rigorously define the age of a building?
  3. Name three fundamental ways in which a tree differs from a postal worker. Try to make your choices as broad and as different from each other as you can. Name three fundamental things they have in common.



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