Soundtrack of our Lives

The Soundtrack of Our Lives has been one of my favourite bands for a long time. I can clearly remember my reaction to hearing Firmament Vacation for the first time, sitting with a beer in David’s old flat in Nyköping nearly 10 years ago. Seeing them at a venue in Bristol the size of my living room, when they were virtually uknown in the UK, is definitely my top gig ever. I have seen them live around 15 times and they are the only band that I have ever bothered building up a singles and rarities collection by.

Soundtrack have a habit of waiting a very long time before releasing a new album, which can be very frustrating. Origin Volume 1, their previous album, was released when I was still living in Bath, more than four years ago.

But now it’s time again. In this article in Nöjesguiden they talk about the new album, which, in addition to their normal offering of The Who riffs and psychadelia apparently contains jazz and electronic noise.

Sounds interesting. Well, kind of anyway.

The new album is out at the beginning of November. I can’t wait.

Don’t know Soundtrack? Here’s Mantra Slider:

Oh what the hell, here’s Sister Surround too:



  1. I´m a Mantra slider from the golden dawn of history!!
    Fan, det var tider det…..

  2. Såg TSOOL första gången på Lollipop 97. Då fick jag upprättelse. Mina polare beskyllde mig för att gilla ett jävla skitband. Efter att dom sett konserten så blev det annat ljud i skällan. Dom blev frälsta;)
    Ebbot och grabbarna kan lite skit.

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