Nairobi National Park

Almost a year ago now, I wrote about the lack of animals in Nairobi National Park. The number of lions had decreased from about 50 to only nine, there was only one cheetah left and almost no wildebeest.

Now it seems as if the animals are back. Controlled burning in the park and lack of rain in other parts of Kenya has brought back herds of kongoni, impala and thompson’s gazelle.

And when the grazing animals return, so do the predators. Apparently there are now about 20 lions and several groups of cheetah in the park.

Read more over at Save the Nairobi Park Lions.


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  1. Would be great to go back! Can you believe that in six months, I never went to Nairobi National Park? Probably because of the lousy reviews I heard from, among others, you.

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