I am an idiot

For anyone waiting for more India photos I am sorry to disappoint you. A couple of weeks ago I left my bag on the station platform in Jaisalmer. In it was my camera. (Along with my Ipod, guidebook and various other articles).

I promptly bought a new camera and have taken loads of photos. Unfortunately, this one is not plug and play, it requires the installation of a piece of software. For the last two weeks I’ve been to lazy to install it anyware to transfer the photos.

Last night I left my bag in a restaurant. With the software installation cd and the usb cable.

So far on this trip I have lost:

  • 1 camera
  • 1 ipod
  • 2 guidebooks
  • 1 internet banking log-in thingy
  • 1 camera software installation cd
  • 1 usb cable
  • 2 bags
  • 2000 rupees
  • 1000 rupees (a different occasion)
  • 1 train ticket
  • 1 memory stick (retrieved)

I think India sometimes gets to me. Amaia now carries all my important stuff.



  1. Jaha – håll i resten av dina grejer nu……………….

  2. Bjebb bjebb bjebb!! Du har ju iaf passet kvar. Slarva INTE bort det. Det blir ett jävla meck då. Det vet ju både du och jag:) Ha det gott.
    Mvh David

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