Heard on the train this morning

A woman is sitting on the train, reading a glossy magazine. Two men get on the train and sit opposite her.

Man 1: ‘Is that an engagement ring?’

Woman, looking up from magazine: ‘Yes.’

Man 1: ‘I’ll give you a grand for it.’

Woman, annoyed: ‘It’s not for sale.’

Man 1: ‘Is he a doctor, your husband?’

Woman: ‘No! He runs his own company.’

Man 2: ‘I went into this shop to buy my girlfriend an engagement ring and asked for the most expensive one they had. But it was a pound shop! Haha!’

Man 1, to me: ‘Mate, can I borrow your newspaper?’



  1. I don’t believe you!

  2. Unbelievably, this actually happened.

  3. hahaha! I want to travel on your morning trains!
    Usually people are moody/grumpy mutes in the morning … what were those two guys on??

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