What it’s all about

Came across this quote which brilliantly sums up how the web works. It’s from Printed Matters.

Anyone in the content business knows that their product is not newspapers, or broadcasts, or magazines, or even news, or even content, or even information. No! It is readership. Your product is readership, which you sell to advertisers. More readers = more ads = more money.

That’s it. Simple.

And, now, for the last time: Stop trying to charge for content!



  1. Interesting stuff. I linked this post in the comments of my colleague’s post on media in the developing world: http://www.igloo.org/radiosilence/journalist

    Check out the discussion and join in if you like! You’ll have to join the platform though.

  2. I was going to comment on something you posted a while ago but was put off by the fact that I had to register. Why do you have to?

  3. I agree, it’s really annoying. I know various people who have had the same impression.

    The idea is for the forum to be limited to practitioners, academics, etc., and weed out the hostile banter you get on some other blogs.

    But it makes for a complicated, convoluted process, and turns off people altogether.

    Oh well. I’ll mention it, but I don’t run the site.

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