Something to think about

How many times have you cut out an article from a paper and passed it on to someone?

How many times have you forwarded a link to someone?


Analog blogging in Liberia

And once again Twitter throws some great content my way. This time it’s @ourman who links to one of the best stories I’ve ever seen, about a Liberian analog blogger,  over at

Alfred Sirleaf’s blackboard news blog, the Daily Talk, can be found next to a busy road in the middle of Monrovia. Apparently, he reads a dozen newspapers a day, then summarises the stories on a blackboard that hangs on a shed.

You can even advertise on the ‘blog’. It costs $5 to be at the bottom and $10 at the top.

The future of newspapers

This is one of the only online videos I’ve actually watched all of lately. As someone said on Twitter: ‘lots to disagree with in there’.

Yes, lots to disagree with (‘Google devalues everything it touches’), but also some interesting stuff (‘generate revenue several times with the same content’).

Update: the embed function annoyingly doesn’t work, but here is the link anyway.